Private Response to Alarms


Safety & Reliability

By adding the option of a Private Response, our clients are guaranteed a response to every alarm dispatch.

(A) Private Security can be dispatched immediately, no delays in calling client prior to sending a security. 

(B) Verification by Private Security removes the chance of false alarm fines.

(C) Private Security removes the danger of clients having to respond to a potential crime scene. 

(D) Private verification increases response time from Police, when there is an actual burglary attempt.

Tucson Police do not respond to over 45% of the alarms they are called on.

Police response can be hours, if they respond at all. 

Tucson Police require you to respond to your premises within 1 Hour. 

Tucson Police can charge alarm users thousands of dollars. 

During monsoons and other increased call times, TPD does not respond to alarms.